Splitting Maul SM02 8LB

Splitting Maul SM02 8LB

Splitting Mauls Are Made Of 45# Carbon Steel, Forged, Heat Treatment, Polishing, Painting Or Powder Coated.


 Splitting Mauls Handle Can Be Chose:

1. Wood Handle: Ash Wood Handle, Hickory Wood Handle, Beech Wood Handle, Other Hardwood Handle.

 2. Fiberglass Handle:Ordinary Fiber Handle, Full Plastic Coated Fiberglass Handle, TPR Grip And Plastic Coated Fiberglass Handle.

 3. Steel Tube Handle

 Splitting Maul Also Known As A Block BusterBlock SplitterSledge Axe, Or Go-Devil Is A Heavy, Long-Handled Axe Used For Splitting A Piece Of Wood Along Its Grain. One Side Of Its Head Is Like A Sledgehammer, And The Other Side Is Like An Axe.


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