Splitting Axe, Fiber Glass Handle 6LB 8LB

Splitting Axe, Fiber Glass Handle 6LB 8LB

  • Sm02 Splitting Mauls, Splitting Axe
  • Weight Of Mauls Head: 6lb, 8lb
  • Splitting Maul Head Material:45# Carbon Steel Forged, Heat Treatment Wood Handle Of Splitting Axe: Ash Wood Handle, Hickory Wood Handle, Beach Wood Handle.
  • Fiber Handle Of Splitting Mauls.
  1. Firefighting Tools-Fire Axe, Fire Swatter, Fire Beater, Mcleod Rake, Pulasky Axe, Hooligan Tools, Forcible Entry Tools.
  2. Axe Seriers-Axe Head, Axe With Wooden Handle, Axe With Fiberglass Handle, Splitting Mauls Wedge, Splitting Axe, Adze.
  3. Hammer Series-Claw Hammer, Machinist Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Hammer Axe, Stoning Hammer, Fence Hammer, Drilling Hammer,
  4. Tools Fiberglass Handles-Axe Fiber Handle, Hammer Fiberglass Handles, Pickaxe Handles, Shovel Handles.
  5. Wrecking Bar Pry Bar Crowbar, Cold Chisel, Stone Chisel.
  6. Shovel And Spade.
  7. Picks And Pickaxe.
  8. Rakes-Steel Rake Rubber Rakes.
  9. Rubber Hammers, Soft Face Hammers, Dead Blow Hammers.


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